Criminal Justice Telecommunications Technology Provider Securus Exposes Competitor Wrongdoings

Servicing over 1,200,000 inmates with reliable commitment to quality telecommunication connections via phone and internet video calling, Securus prides itself in its love for the criminal justice telecom technology industry. This love for the industry that provides an alternative to inmate visitation is why Securus Technology has been given an A+ rating by the BBB and also the reason they have embarked on a mission to expose their competitor, Global Tel Ink (GTL) for integrity breaches and wrongdoing.

The first of many press releases Securus highlights is an investigation by the Louisiana Public Service Commision that reveals GTL’s unlawful placement of clocks that fraudulently calculated up to 36 additional seconds to any calls made by inmates in the Louisiana Department Of Corrections facility. Aside from GTL’s fraudulantly programed clocks, Securus highlights that the Louisiana investigation stated other unauthorized breaches by GTL that range from double billing to additional charges. The findings of this investigation estimates that GTL overcharged Louisiana taxpayers $1,243,00 in 1998 while servicing Louisiana Correctional Department.

Securus believes that by exposing this and continued wrongdoings of GTL over the next 6 months will force GTL to conduct their services with higher integrity standards as well as protect the criminal justice telecom industry that Securus proudly serves from becoming tarnished.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.